Established in 1989 and headquartered in Guangzhou,South Precision Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a professional and leading enterprise in the surveying industry, whose five affiliated factories specialized in R&D and manufacturing and selling different kinds of surveying products, including Total Station, Electronic Theodolite, Electronic Distance Meter, Automatic Level, Laser Level, Reflector Prisms, surveying accessories, GPS receivers, Mapping Software, etc.
With the keen dedication and customer focus of over 4,000 employees, South has expanded its seamless coverage at a national level. Plus the annual output and sales of 40,000 pieces of Total Stations, 45,000 pieces of Electronic Theodolites, 20,000 sets of GPS receiver and 10,000 sets of software, all of which adds up to a powerful force capable of serving the customer every need, moreover, their expectations.

Dynamic Team, Integrated wisdom
The talent-oriented philosophy makes SOUTH a dynamic team of specialists in different fields. The great community contributes to the enormous successful stories for SOUTH.

Sparing no efforts in exploring the international market in recent years, South has been dealing with distributors in over 80 countries and areas and exporting considerable quantities of surveying instruments as well as accessories worldwide. Since its initial but,successful appearance in INTERGEO 2003 at Hamburg, Germany, South draw worldwide attention as a fast-growing Chinese giant.

With undeniable successes in the past, a concrete solid present and a promising future ahead, South never makes a pause in its process to achieve goals by always looking for new ways to expand our horizon; Skimming through some international professional magazines like POB or GIM, readers will find Souths advertisements. South has been continuously committing to upgrade and releasing new models to prove our dedication to our clients, whilst users appreciate Souths ongoing technological advancesand the high cost-performance much. With the frequent presence in international expos (such as ACSM in USA, Geoinformation in Japan, Intergeo in Germany, etc.), South has now been playing an active role in the world stage. South has already landedin USA, Europe, Vietnam and the overseas offices are now running to look forwardto the future full of hope and expectations.

With Chinas ultimate entry into the World Trade Organization, many international surveyingequipment manufacturers have invested heavily on the productions in China. Due to the good quality versus relatively low production costs and preferential policies, the Made-in-China label will achieve more recognition around the world. Therefore, South will likewise return our sincerest thanks to both clients and end-users for all their trust,full support and sound decision,by delivering more and more surveying products of higher quality with better services to the dynamic global market.