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Poseidon SU30 is a new generation of high intelligent USV. The modular design brings enormous convenient for end users. Small physical makes hydrographic survey go everywhere. Fields of Surveying and Mapping, Hydrogeology and Water Management can be easily covered. In addition, SU30 is allowed to be customized according to userʼs requirements.

This article gives you a brief overview of Poseidon SU30 workflow, from preparation, measurement, data processing, to mapping.

1. Ship body    2. Boat battery    3. Two antennas for boat communication    4. Two antennas for network bridge    5. One antenna for manual remote    6. Network bridge    7. Remote controller    8. Battery adapter    9. SDE-18S    10. RTK    11. Moon pool fitting

Check that the accessories of Poseidon SU30 are complete, and follow the steps to complete the assembly.

Effect picture

Automatic operation

Autopilot, realize automatic operation. After setting the pre-defined measurement area, SU30 can complete the measurement task of the area by itself after starting the automatic measurement. And the automatic mode and manual mode can be switched during the operation. 

Moreover, when SU30 completes the surveying task in predefined area, it can realize autonomous navigation and return to the point of departure.

Up to 256 automatic cruise waypoints
Camera imaging system configured with SU30

Equipped with our self-developed control system and HySurvey measurement software, with measurement area planning, data collection, navigation and post-processing functions.

Two methods to modify the incorrect water depth data.

① Modify the wrong water depth data directly.

② Delete the error point.

Automatically generate post-processing coordinate point information according to the selected project.

Tide position information collection and processing diagram

Scanning map of underwater terrain drawn with SOUTHGIS CASS software.