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In June, 2021, 124 students from 31 colleges and universities participated in the 1+X Certificate Test at Kunming Metallurgy College in Yunnan province, which was organized by SOUTH Surveying and Mapping. This is the first online application of SOUTH Test System since SOUTH has been approved the qualification of 1+X Certificate. (CHINASKILLS JOIN HANDS WITH SOUTH)

1+X Certificate refers to “One Certificate of Degree and several Certificates of Vocational Skill Level” System. This system aims to encourage students actively obtain multiple types of Vocational Skill Level Certificates while obtaining the Degree Certificate, which can help them to enhance their employability and enterprise ability, and help to relieve the structural contradiction of employment.

In 2020, South Surveying and Mapping has become the first Vocational Education and Training Evaluation Organization in the industry. Since the 1+X certificate qualification was approved, South has established the standard and test scope for primary, intermediate and advanced level of “Geo-spatial Data Acquisition & Processing” and “Geo-spatial Information Application”.

The test scope of the two certificates comprehensively covers the first-line surveying and mapping types, including Engineering Measurement, Photogrammetry, Point Cloud Measurement, Building Monitoring and dozens of subjects. The combination of theory and practice is more practical and professional.

1+X Certificate system is an important means for China to carry out the Reform and Development of Vocational Education. While actively contributing our strength, South Surveying and Mapping hopes to provide a wider platform for more students to learn and improve, and also pave the path for enhancing the enterprise value in surveying education.