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“Lack of professional UAV pilots for aerial jobs? Wan to check site conditions real-time but stay indoors? Hard to arrange timely missions in case of emergency? Expect to make decisions and send commands in no time? Such are common headaches to the organizations that demand UAV applications in the way of 100% unmanned operation. Now this new technology, FlyAuto 01, could be an ideal solution to all those industries looking for full automation and well interprets what flexibility and efficiency really mean to a variety of applications.” said Chris Wang, a senior sales manager specializing in UAV products and services for years.

Unmanned operation invigorates the UAV applications in many fields indeed.

At present, UAV is still operated manually in multi-industry applications. UAV operations require long time flight control, which requires very high skills for UAV operators. The accidents are also increasing with the expansion of UAV projects, and with different operators, the quality of the results is not the same.

SOUTH UAV Automation & Parking System realizes unmanned work mode. The system is a complete automatic flight program combining hardware and software, including BaseAuto, UAV, remote control system and data processing platform. Users can deploy BaseAuto and UAV near the mission area, connect to the network and remotely control drones for automatic take-off, landing, replacing batteries, performing tasks continuously, sending data back in real time and performing analysis and processing, to achieve full automation and truly “unmanned”. At the same time, UAV can automatically plan flight route with the BaseAuto as the center, so as to achieve effective flight, efficient flight, and save labor.

To fly or not? The environmental monitor always gets you the right answer!

BaseAuto is responsible for the UAV storage, battery replacement and ground-to-air communications, which is convenient for the UAV to complete inspections, fire monitoring, surveillance and other operations on its own, and it is the key to realize the fully automatic and continuous operation of UAV. BaseAuto is equipped with an environmental monitor that can judge whether to perform tasks according to actual weather conditions. BaseAuto is made of aluminum alloy and steel, with fireproof, waterproof, lightning protection and anti-theft functions. A single BaseAuto can cover the surrounding area with a radius of 5-10km.

Applications of UAV Autonomous System


Growing number of utility grid operators have been deploying UAVs to fulfil dangerous inspection missions and contribute for increasing of entire cost performance. However, utility companies are simply not adept at teaming up their own pilots. For safety reasons, human intervention should be reduced as much as possible, so UAV automation would vividly demonstrate significant and measurable values.


Mining companies could use drones with a direction connection to aerial data and new levels of insight, replacing manual inspections in the most hazardous areas while drastically reducing the time and manpower required. This methodology might help much with security and surveillance, terrain mapping, stockpile volume calculation, reconciliation process, etc. 


Petrochemical industry might rely on drones with specified detector payloads checking polluted air conditions instead of physically moving inside the potentially hazardous areas. This solution enjoys flexibility, efficiency and safety, as staff just need to stay indoors reviewing critical information and mission reports in front of the LED screen.