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The pandemic has been an absolute disaster to many fields, including our geo-spatial industry. Aperiodic lockdown and social distancing keep most schooling and meeting off. How to continue survey class teaching and user operation training? Now, VR Simulated Survey Training System provides an ideal solution to such headaches. This world’s first production features 1:1 Sim-to-Real scenes and immersive Sim-but-Real Experiences. Abundant software kits for instrument operation (eg. total station, RTK, drone, etc.), survey methodology (eg. free station, intersection measurement, coordinate stake-out, etc.) and overall survey practice (eg. levelling survey, GNSS static network establishment, triangulated height lead measurement, etc.) are included. Just imagine deploying survey equipment and practicing survey jobs in a 3D environment, collecting genuine coordinates and going further with CAD mapping! The most impressive is that the Learn-Practice-Quiz mode allows a scientific cycle for assessment. Plenty of universities, colleges and vocational schools have fixed their tailor-made packages, as they believe such new approaches would definitely enable their students to operate the major survey equipment and well prepare them for future job opportunities! 

With 15 years of extensive experience in hydrographic and marine projects and products, SOUTH has released a new generation USV solution – SU30. It is a portable professional USV with a unique moon pool design: a separate hole is designed in the middle of the hull for easy replacement of equipment. Customers can freely replace other types of equipment. SU30 can be loaded with Echo Sounder, ADCP, portable SBP and some other survey equipment.

SOUTH SU30 is modular design, with a sturdy hull and stable performance. It combines network bridge, LTE 4G, and radio communications, high accurate automatic navigation algorithm and manual remote-control technology. SOUTH not only has the core technology of USV, SOUTH’s own software and portable USV, but also has the ability to customized different software functions and larger size USV solutions for customers. SOUTH USV solution will bring you an efficient and safe project experience. 

Galaxy G2 is a new released miniaturized RTK by SOUTH, as we all know, the miniaturization of RTK instruments has become a trend, that G2 is born in this era. With highly integrated and layered design, and the magnesium alloy body shell, the dimension of Galaxy G2 is only 130.5mm in diameter and 84mm in height, and its weight is only 850g including internal battery.

G2 adopts an advanced SoC for GNSS board which is a chip comes with highly integration and low power consumption, efficiently suppress the interference signals, and obtain higher quality observation data from satellite constellations. And coupled with an integrated antenna, which using low profile design technology to reduce the physical difference between high and low frequency bands, Galaxy G2 is able to track all of running satellite constellations, especially BeiDou III global satellite signals, which improves working performance in urban environment.

Based on the self-developed digital UHF radio module with “Farlink” protocol, whose transmission bandwidth becomes large which perfectly solves the problem with large data volume of multiple constellations transmission, that achieves the typical working range up to 8km with 1W transmission power.

Type-C interface solution is adopted on Galaxy G2 that this USB interface is not only to support the regular USB flash, but it also can be an internal web UI accessing interface at the same time as long as USB cable is plugged in. And this type-c interface supports PD rapid charging, the inbuilt battery can be fully changed within 3 hours that last full-day work. 

What is new for N6+?

N6 is one of our best-selling instruments, in 2021, we have seen another update-N6+.

What improvement does the new N6+ make?  

1.The World’s first Dual Laser EDM technology, while improving accuracy and stability, it also brings an increase in measuring speed.  

2.More powerful main board, while processing performance is improved and power consumption is reduced, making the battery more durable.

3.Bigger memory to save more data.

4.New function key, multiple sub-menus can be directly accessed by one key, improving operation efficiency.