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SOUTH Drone-eco Pro is one of the most compact industrial-grade intelligent UAV drones on the market, with the advantages of easy operation, high accuracy, long flight duration and so on. The Drone-eco Pro can fully meet 1:500 topographic mapping, cadastral mapping, earthwork survey, 3D GIS system and other applications.

Advantages of flight platform & control software of Drone-eco Pro

● highly integrated aircraft, assembly free and ready to use after unpacking 

X-shape body with foldable propellers, rainproof and dustproof, assembly free and ready to use after unpacking except the battery, saving time.

● Display interface integrated with remote controller, no tablet or laptop required for ground control

Integrate tablet and remote control into one to realize a three-in-one highly integrated ground control system for digital and image control; realize drone configuration management, support drone firmware parameter upgrade, calibration, network CORS settings and other functions; intelligent reminder, voice broadcast, cloud data synchronization, convenient and quick start operation, improve work efficiency.

● a lightweight but efficient unit that enjoys much longer endurance 

Without payload, Drone eco Pro is able to fly about 80minutes in the ideal weather conditions; with single lens camera or 5-lens camera, it also can fly 60 minutes or more, which is mostly the best among the drones of the same level.

● survey-oriented flight plans specifically made for professional aerial mapping

The ground control station software-Fly2Map Pilot software, is specifically made for professional aerial mapping and fully consider the operational needs and habits of surveyors based on the company’s photogrammetry project experiences for more than 10 years. Fly2Map Pilot provides a variety of route planning modes such as large area mission planning, Linear/Corridor mission planning, multi-area mission planning, oblique survey mission planning and so on; It supports KML/KMZ file import and is suitable for different aerial survey application scenarios.

● direct geo-referencing with accurate POS data delivered by airborne RTK/PPK

The onboard independent research and development RTK/PPK module, make sure that the whole system meets the survey-grade accuracy requirements (centimeter-level, the best accuracy even is able to down to 10cm for the horizontal accuracy), meanwhile, greatly decrease the numbers of GCPs, and improve the efficiency field work and indoor post-processing. Especially the PPK function, which is more reliable and stable and widely used in aerial mapping work for large survey project. 

● compulsory pre-flight check list that guarantees no improper use 

With hardware and environmental inspections, flight area elevation inspections, pre-takeoff inspections and other active reminder functions, it uses negative teaching materials to alert users to ensure that pilot routes are set reasonably.

● one-key return-to-home command in case of emergency, auto return-to-home function enabled by challenging conditions 

The flight control system has a series of flight safety control procedures: automatically return home upon lower battery power, one-key return home to escape from heavy rain, birds or other urgent circumstances.

● terrain-following option ready for rugged terrains 

After upload the DEM data base, Drone eco Pro can easily execute the terrain-following flight, which means that the drone fly at the fixed flight height relative to the terrain surface, which will ensure the image quality and accuracy, as well as the safety of the whole system. 

● fully autonomous operation after proper settings, no pilot controlrequired 

After proper settings and takeoff, the pilot just monitors the drone status under normal cases, only wait the drone to finish the mission and return automatically when low battery or finish the mission. That is why the users always say Drone-eco is ideal and perfect design for surveyors without any experience for drone flight. 

● human-computer interaction software designed for pilot

Professional perspective of the manufacturer to make up for the user’s shortcomings, the pilot can learn in half a day without much experience, and the training cost is extremely low. 

“Impressive is the ground control station software running on the integrated remote controller display. The survey-oriented flight plans and attentive safety control are tailor-made for drone pilots engaging in professional survey work. The well-balanced representation of aerial efficiency, mapping accuracy plus ease-of-use makes it a trustworthy UAV solution, yet it’s fairly cost friendly. Believe it or not, you will find it much easier to train drone pilots than ever!” said Engr. Mayuan, a Chinese specialist dedicated to survey equipment R&D for nearly 30 years.

SOUTH Drone-eco Pro has a wide range of application scenarios such as topography, cadaster, construction, smart city, etc, we are committed to different fields and continue to bring you more and more solutions! For more information, please contact our regional representative in your region!