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Presenting A New Picture of Geo-Spatial World

On April 6, the “Presenting A New Picture of Geo-Spatial World” 2021 South National User Conference was officially opened. It consists of 28 conferences and more than 60 sub-forums, and has been held in Jinan, Shanghai, Changsha, Tianjin, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities.

This conference adopted a new form of integration of assembly hall and exhibition area. From the perspectives of applications in six industries: transportation, housing construction, new basic surveying and mapping, geology, water conservancy, and schools, it focused on displaying South UAVs, 3D Laser Scanners, Automatic Total Station, NavVis Indoor Positioning and Navigation System, Virtual Simulation Training, Geographic Information Software Platform, Unmanned Ship, RTK and other series of intelligent products. And South also shared a wide range of solutions covering many fields, including surveying and mapping education, natural resource informatization, precision measurement, intelligent monitoring, industry informatization, etc.

The reports shared by branch managers at the meeting also introduced the core technologies and first-line applications of relevant products in details. The new products and technologies of South will create new values for customers, as well as the industry.

On April 22, the last stop of this conference will be held in Wuhan. South will make continuous progress and innovation on the basis of the achievements it has already achieved, to brining more sophisticated technologies to customers and promote wider applications.