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On September 25, the CHINTERGEO 2020 with the theme of “Goes hand in hand, goes upstream” was held in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. More than 200 enterprises participated in the exhibition.

This exhibition is the first national event for the surveying and mapping geographic information industry after the epidemic. It aims to strongly promote the technological advancement of China’s surveying and mapping geographic information equipment, enhance the application of geographic information technology and equipment, and promote the development of the surveying and mapping geographic information industry. Paving the way for the Surveying and mapping geographic information technology equipment more efficiently serves the construction of smart cities.

During the exhibition, SOUTH made a great influenced, many new products and technologies were exhibited, such as SD-1500 3D Laser Scanning Measurement System, NTS series Robotic Total Station, Composite wing and Quadrotor UAV, and Indoor Positioning and Navigation. SOUTH also held a series of product technology and application publicity, technicians and product managers made a comprehensive introduction around the technology, application practice and prospect.