LiDAR Survey for Urban Village Reconstruction

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Background Information

Project Locatiion: Guangzhou, China

Purpuse: Provide reference for the reconstruction and planning for Urban village

Area: 0.75 (9 blocks)

Output demand: 1) DOM  2) Vectorized map (1:500)

Expected accuracy: H.20cm V.10cm

Project time: 1 month

Overview of Survey area:

The houses are dense, the distance between the buildings is narrow, the visibility is poor, and the traditional measurement methods are difficult to work and need to take a long time.


According to the situation of the survey area, we decide to use UAV with LiDAR for data collection.:

Base receiver: Galaxy G1 Plus

UAV platform: DJI M600 Pro

LiDAR system: Mini LiDAR system SZT-R250

Camera: Sony a6000

1. Route planning and field collection 

 route planning

Field collection

NO of flights: 12 flights

Fieldwork: 5 days 

2. Ground Control Point and Checkpoint 

Instrument: RTK-Galaxy G6

Time: 2 days

Purpose: used to check elevation accuracy 

Ground control point and checkpoint measurement  

3. Data process 


Trajectory processing — Inertial Explorer

Geo-referenced point clound generation — Z-Lab Point Process

Point cloud processing — Terrasolid Tscan

Vector mapping — Z-Lab Mapper

Orthophoto production — SkyPhoto-professional

Total time for data processing and mapping: 20 days 

DOM (Area 7)
Vecotorized map (Area 6,7,9)
DOM (area 1,area 2)
Vectorized map (area 1,area 2)

4. Surveying and Mapping in the field 

Time: 3 days

Purpose: Used to confirm the number of house floors, the material of the house, the number of floors for balcony, the material of the wall, whether there are missing or wrong drawings in the blocked area, confirm the type of pole, the direction of power line transmission, the direction of river flow, and the type of manhole cover.

Housing material confirmation
Confirmation for the number of floors of houses       Confirmation for pole position and wire direction
                        and balconies