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South has released New R20 EDM. Let us instroduce its new technology and outstanding performance. 

Advantages: more longer, higher accuracy, less data jump, more stable and more faster.

With the R20 EDM, we can measure the target with distance 2000m away in Non prism mode. This is the world top level. 

With the new R20 EDM board, Not only we can get higher accuracy for the distance measurement, but also we get the measurement more stable and faster. Check the comparison table between the R20 EDM and the R6 EDM.

We can see that the R20 EDM with less data jump and less time to get the measuring result.

That means you can just use the non-prism mode to get the similar accuracy as Prism mode. 

Technology: What kind of advanced design or improvement to make us outstanding? 

Unique 2 laser diode, Electronic Circuit Improvement and advance design in structure make the excellent EDM R20.

I am sure that you can not wait to try SOUTH total station with R20 EDM.