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What is SMOS?

SMOS is SOUTH professional deformation monitoring system, it is based on the monitoring sensors, data transmission link and the data monitoring process and analysis center.

The SMOS is compatible with multiple monitoring sensors like GNSS, strain stress sensor, reinforced cable monitor, vibration monitor and environment monitor etc. Various solution for different projects requirement.

Considering the different monitoring project application environment, SMOS supports different links for data transmission—the wired and wireless. The wired transmission could be RS232, RS485 or Ethernet.

The monitoring center is the core software of SMOS, it consist of manage server, database and printer. 

SMOS uses rigorous data screening and processing algorithms to ensure the high-precision data from the connected sensors as much as possible. All measurement data and result data are stored in the database. Whether using SMOS or third-party software, these data can be safely accessed locally or remotely for analysis. The system supports a wide range of sensors, and the software is also designed to easily add additional sensors. Combined use of a series of measurements and data collected by geodetic sensors.

The powerful event management system can send relevant information through E-mail, SMS or data interface according to pre-defined rules (such as the measured displacement value exceeds the limit difference, power failure, etc.). During the measurement process, external devices and programs can be controlled by pre-specified events.

The SMOS analyzer can present data graphically and digitally. The results can be displayed in different ways, such as a time series graph, which represents the movement trend over the selected time period. Many points can be represented on one image at the same time. All above information could be output by the printer.

Why users select SOUTH SMOS?

Various accidents occur at any time in every corner of the world due to excessive deformation like Landslip and debris flow, so the deformation monitoring is the best solution for potential risk management.

In measurement field, timely and reliable monitoring and deformation analysis is the most challenging refined engineering, because it requires high-precision, high-reliability sensors, fully automatic measurement processing, advanced data communication methods and flexible calculation methods and analysis tools. SOUTH SMOS can meet the above requirements. It is an open, upgradeable and customizable fully automatic monitoring platform. In this platform, various SOUTH measurement products, such as GNSS, inclinometers, strain stress sensors can be integrated. In addition to this, other third-party geological sensor data can also be accepted at the same time. The utility model can be used for the automatic safety monitoring application of external deformation and three-dimensional space position change of structures such as buildings, dams, landslides, mines, bridges, tunnels, and elevated roads.

SOUTH has rich experience in domestic monitoring projects. SMOS monitoring system will renew your mind, and provide the professional and customize monitoring solutions.

Here are some classic application cases,for your kindly reference.

● Geological Disaster Monitoring (Shanxi, China

● Landslide Monitoring (Sichuan, China)

● Safety Monitoring of Bridge (Fujian, China)

● Highway Slope Monitoring (Guangzhou, China)

● Dam monitoring (Hebei,China)

We hope SOUTH SMOS can bring convenience to your work, just like our consistent service tenet. Please consult our sales staff for details.