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Many years ago we know nothing about computer; many years ago we know nothing about mobile phone; many years ago we even know nothing about intelligent service. With the so rapid development of technology, it makes the world very intelligent. The intelligent Cloud service becomes more and more popular now. Like iCloud, Alibaba Cloud and so on.
In our surveying field, all the manufactures are looking for a break in technology. Not only for the ability, but also for the intelligent service. We would like to make the field work more convenient and efficient at the same time when we can achieve a good positioning accuracy. SOUTH now brings you a new Cloud service-sCloud. sCloud can provide online service to the clients, also a real-time communication with the users in the field. There are two parts has been achieved in the current version, the first one is ‘Device management’ and the other is ‘Task  management’. Let’s check what are they and how it works.

Device management
In the ‘Device management’, there are some features, we will see what are they for.

Latest Status–For checking the latest status of receiver

Online Configuration–For configuring the receiver remotely

Real-time Track–For checking the real-time track, so that server can easily know where is the operator

Previous Track–For track back up

Web Debug–Helping to debug the receiver remotely

Map View–To know where is and was the receiver

Task Management

Task Broadcast-transferring the project files to the mobile users to make the work in the field more efficient

Android EGStar-For receiving the task from server and uploading the real-time result back to Cloud

Cloud platform is more than it is, it is an idea as well as possibilities. Base on it, we may achieve a lot
which depends on how do you think of it. This is just the summary of sCloud and we will keep developing      
 more in  the future. The ‘Big Data’ is our next step to be accomplished. -TBC!