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The building axes is the basis of constructions. You can choose the relative axes to stake out based on the points’ position when doing the project. With this powerful Axes Stake Out function, SOUTH NT-023 will help you find the stake out point precisely in an easier method.

This session is to introduce the stake-out of the point by entering the offset to a baseline. There’re 2 options to define the baseline. One is to define by station point and a known bearing angle (0°00’00”), one is to define by two new points.

Press F1 or F2 to select.
Stake Out of One Side on the Axes.
Step 1: Set the theodolite at Point A.
Step 2: Aim at the prism which is set at Point B and press OSET to set it to 0°.
Step 3: Input the distance value of the line along Point A to B, and the offset value.

   Offset value along the axes from Point A to B
   Offset value perpendicular to the axis

Step 4: Press F1 to measure. Move the prism according to the indications on the screen, until all the values on the screen are 0.

H Diff
   The angle difference between the HA of Point A to staking out  
   point and the HA of current target
   Offset of perpendicular to the axis
   Offset along the axis
   Return to input offset to start a new point