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For the purpose of continuous innovation, SOUTH SURVEYING & MAPPING INSTRUMENT CO., LTD keeps moving on the development of various products. Now we have launched a revolutionary theodolite NT-023. Let’s see its good performance as below:

Firstly, Disruptive Innovations

Ranging components built-in telescope tube lead to theodolite NT-023 can do the 300m distance measurement which redefined the theodolite.The normal theodolite must need the tape or staff to do the distance measurement. But NT-023 can measure the distance with high accuracy directly. Besides you can also get the horizontal distance and slop distance at the same time.
Secondly, user-friendly but powerful program (Axis Stake-out)
Angle measurement, distance measurement and Axis stake out shown on the screen at the same time. You can switch the mode by one button operation. Other functions(like laser plummet, laser pointer and compensator etc) can be also turn on/off by press related number directly which is pretty efficient.Axis stake-out is very important in the project or constructions. NT-023 can provide a perfect solution but easy operation to to the axis stake out.There are two methods for the axis stake-out.

1, Stake Out the point on one side of the Axis

Thirdly, Laser pointer and other features
NT-023 integrated the Laser pointer which can help you can find the target quicklyDespite the powerful program,distance measurement function and laser pointer,NT-023 also has some other goods features.Big capacity Li battery ensure the long time working. Big screen with HD quality make it can work under tough environment. In a word,NT-023 is not just theodolite which deserve you have it.