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In this June, the regional sales manager Tom and GNSS engineer Charlie had just paid a visit to SOUTH exclusive dealer GEOMATIX in Poland during 19th -23rd.

Group photo with the sales and technical department

GEOMATIX who has been cooperating with SOUTH for more than 10 years, is one of the oldest friends from the start. Every year we keep sharing latest product information and market feedback regularly, and also providing technical supports and after-sale service training during the business visit. Except a very strong sales and service team, GEOMATIX can provide the professional testing and calibrations for all type of surveying equipment. There are complete sets of maintenance equipment lines up tidily in their service office, including the calibration for GNSS, total station, digital level, auto level and rotary laser device. All testing are in compliance with international standard ISO17123.

During visit, we made a field test for Galaxy G6 in the real place, the advanced features of G6 for example radio router and SMS report are greatly interested by our dealer and we see a huge opportunity in the market.

We have the reason to believe that the professional marketing activities and technical support from GEOMATIX are creating the brand value for SOUTH in Poland market, when there is customer’s need there will be solution from our dealer.

est wishes to Geomatix and as the saying—South target your success!