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The Korea Railways & Logistics Fair 2017 held in Busan, the second biggest city in the country, came to a close last week. The biennial show was conducted in BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center) during Jun 14 to 17.

Ranking as the world’s fourth largest railway show with 14,000sqm of space, it presented the latest technology, infrastructure & logistics for railway and related supplies. And this time, South and the local distributor, Geotech Systems Corporation, announced the presence as the key provider of railway track geometry measurement solution.

MEASLLEY, known as the Track Geometry Measuring Trolley System, came up to the fourth generation with a complete new look. The exhibited MEASLLEY IV was undoubtedly a highlight for eye attractions to most of the participants and visitors both, especially those practitioners specializing in railway construction and survey. In terms of the brand new structural design and rugged component materials, this trolley might be considered as a very modernized product.

Railway surveying has always been of vital importance in the construction and maintenance of all types of track system, including high-speed rail, express rail, regular rail, light rail, metro, etc. When you are enjoying a fast yet comfortable ride inside the train, have you ever noticed how it brings out such kind of excellent performance?

Actually, it’s all about the ride-performance-based inner and outer track geometry quality in particular. And MEASLLEY is specifically made to deal with such matters in a professional high-precision way.

(by Jackie Cheung)