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SOUTH Asia Pacific Distributors Conference 2017 was held in Koh Samui, Thailand, 5th –8th June, 2017.

30 participants from 13 countries and regions took part in this 4-day event. Presided over by Mr. Kevin Deng, the manager of Asia and Oceania regions, the conference started with memorable moments, a lot of interesting stories were presented to the attendees vividly. In opening remarks, all representatives introduced themselves again.

All the attendees at the meeting
Group photo at the meeting
Mr. Kevin Deng delivered welcome remarks

After greetings to all representatives, “The New Leads to the Change and Development” was put forward by Mr. Han Yao, the general manager of international business division.

He talked about latest trend and development of SOUTH group at domestic and international, also the sales volume, marketing activities. Besides regular Latest product and technology introduction, he highlighted UAV photography, Laser scanner, holographic VR. “Do more with less, get more with less” he announced at the end of his speech.

Mr. Han Yao gave a presentation

Representatives from each company were invited to give a report to share their stories and developments with SOUTH. We discussed openly about sales strategy, training, and promoting SOUTH brand.  Later on ceremony rewards were took place in the following section. Many thanks to every distributor’s effort of hard work to promote SOUTH brand!

Guests speakers’ presentation part
Guests speakers’ presentation part
Guests speakers’ presentation part
Guests speakers’ presentation part
Ceremony Awards

New generation “N” series’ improvements were particularly introduced by Stonash Zou, the manager of mid-east & African regions. Powerful advanced software and functions attracted guests’ attentions. Mr. Max Hu, the GNSS marketing manager presented intelligent features and functions of Galaxy series, intense discussion after the speech warmed up the Q & A section. Fixed wing A21-PPK, Hexacopter X62-PPK, UAV photogrammetry solutions were shared by Mr. Vincent Ying, the deputy manger of advanced solution department, he played some actual site demonstration video and product show. All the guests were pretty impressed by it.

Mr. Stoneash Zou introduced “N” series’ improvements
Mr. Max Hu’s speech of Galaxy series
Mr. Vincent Ying, product introduction and promoting videos

The second day, Mr. Rubine Lv, deputy manager of advanced solution department, and Mr. Vincent Ying organized UAV field demonstration, even there’s light raining on the site. However, fixed wing A21-PPK insisted to carry out its flight mission, quick hand launching into the air and precise landing in confined space proved well SOUTH UAV provides efficient, accurate, professional Sky Solutions. X62-ppk presented its high performance on the next day to help the owner of Farehouse resort to measure whole his land. The results DOM, DEM were provided to him after two hours processing. What’s more, the captain of Samui Island and his secretary joined our UAV demonstration, and showed their great interest in SOUTH Sky Solutions.

Flight control software introduction by Mr. Rubine Lv

Site operation training
Group photo at site of UAV demo

In this afternoon, SOUTH processing software SkyPhoto presentation was made by Lucas Liu, the programmer of SkyPhoto, core functions were taught, at the same time, Samui demonstration result was performed to distributors in the session.

Lucas Liu, SkyPhoto introdcution

At last, Mr. Jackie Cheung, the deputy general manager of international business division delivered a presentation “Time to go further”, machine control, railway trolley system, mobile lidar system, GIS application.etc, various advanced solutions were presented. At mean time, “new stories to learn, new directions to switch” brings out some fresh ideas to the distributors. Interactive experience exchanging among the participants lights up the conference. Both manufacturer and dealers benefited a lot from the talks.

Mr. Jackie Cheung was sharing new ideas

The third day, one-day sightseeing group tour was arranged after the conference, gathered all the participants together, the whole impressive trip was filled full with laughs and joys, everyone enjoyed a wonderful and fruitful journey.

Group activities

Appreciation Dinner on the beach