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In 2013, for the first time, President Xi Jinping proposed the Silk Road economic belt in Kazakhstan, and it finally evolved into the core idea of the famous Belt and Road Initiatives. Nowadays, under the positive effects of the initiatives, economic and trade cooperations between China and Kazakhstan are increasingly over the years.

From Mar.12th to 20th, we followed the footprint of the Belt and Road, paid a visit to South distributor GEOMASTERA in Kazakhstan. A systemic training for SOUTH products and softwares was carried out successfully. During the visit, we also talked about the sales status and 2017 planning, finally concluded and signed the 2017 agreement.

As SOUTH loyal friend since 2015, GEOMASTERA always stays positive. In 2016, they hold more than 70 rounds of Demo for local end users, and brought a considerable achievement on sales. While SOUTH in Kazakhstan indeed a long way to go, we will hand in hand and wishing a bright future.

GPS trainning
Field Test
CORS Station