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  1. Long endurance 150 min
  2. VTOL suited to all terrain operation
  3. Direct geo-referencing with airborne PPK
Aircraft System    aircraft type    VTOL (vertical takeoff and     landing)
   wingspan    250 cm
   take-off       weight    11 kg
   power supply    lithium polymer battery
   battery power    38500 mAh*1 (fixed wing)
3700 mAh*2 (rotor)
   body material    kevlar fiber material
Flight Performance    take-off    method    vertical take-off
   landing method vertical landing
maximum ceiling 5500 m
working height
cruising speed* typical 21 m/s (75 km/h)
endurance best up to 150 minutes
single flight range* maximum 180 km
single flight coverage* maximum 46 sq.km/GSD 10 cm
landing space vertical landing within 1 m
Operation Performance base observations autopilot
radio datalink
control frequency 1-2W
radio communication range 3-20 km
weather limit beaufort scale 6 (10.8-13.8 m/s)
operating temperature -10℃ to 45℃
Ground Control auto return upon indications of low battery, airspeed anomaly, abnormal attitude
drone tracking manually controlled, one-key operation