BD970 Motherboard Equipped

Market-proven Pacific Crest Maxwell 6 technology delivers demonstrated performance and outstanding efficiency.

Inbuilt GPRS/GSM Module

Such a module enables this receiver to be multifunctional. You can easily change between radio RTK mode and network RTK mode subject to practical condition. Interchangeability would definitely get you a very economical solution.

Inbuilt Double Batteries

Double batteries (8800mAh totally) that can last up to 15-20 hours (in full charge) are built in the rugged unit, which provides almost continuous operation in 2-3 working days. And it greatly reduces the likelihood of low power during any full-day job.

Inbuilt Radio Transmitter

The 0.5-2W (adjustable) transmitting radio module equipped inside is a distinctive feature that brings you great convenience. Within the effective working range (3-5km typical, 8-10km optimal), the base and rover can be switched freely while displacing the external radio as well as the external battery is no longer necessary.  

Downloads: RTK-S86