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South just completed its first success of UAV flight demonstration in Indonesia.The first stop of the trip was Palembang City, Capital of South Sumatra Island. The South team showed to the client not just a new product but also a complete solution, which was so amazing to the surveyors on site. Actually they have been working for a very big project of road construction, and the solution from South mentioned before shall cover their project planning at early stage, topographic job in the middle and as-built survey, then road inspection after routine operation. The flight as well as the computed result was quite satisfactory. It will take us just a few months to accomplish the rest of the project with this modern facility while it took us nearly 2 years to finish a very small part only with total station and RTK system, and however, it seems that many costs of labor and time would be going down with this new solution, the chief surveyor commented.

The second demonstration was a road show in front of Pakansari Stadium. The participants consisted of photogrammetry specialists, mining contractors, surveying companies as well as related government sectors. 30-minute flight for aerial photography plus another 20-minute hover performance spoke much louder than any literature, as the mentioned 50+ minute flight duration of this Hexacopter were tried and true! Furthermore, the 5cm-accuracy DOM result and the time used with SkyPhoto to process all steps both proved the practicality of this solution package.