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With the upgraded version of Total Station N6, the Bluetooth brings us more convenience and improves our work efficiency. Have you found and tried it? In this article, we will introduce two useful applications of N6 Bluetooth.

1. Use BT for Data Transfer (N6, South PC software, Laptop)
Settings on PC and N6:
STEP1: Install the STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver (V1.3.1)
STEP2: Power on N6, set Bluetooth ON
STEP3: Open PC Bluetooth, find the SN of N6, connect N6 Bluetooth (the default PIN is 1234)
STEP4: Run South PC software, click Connect

STEP5: Click Receive, send data on N6
STEP6: Successful receive the RAW data and Coordinate data

2. Use BT to work with 3rd party software on Data Collector (N6, Data Collector, Field Genius)
Settings on Data Collector and N6:
STEP1: Power on N6, set Bluetooth ON
STEP2: Open Bluetooth on Data Collector, find the SN of N6, connect the N6 Bluetooth (the default PIN is 1234)
STEP3: Run Field Genius on Data Collector, open the project file and select Instrument

STEP4: View Bluetooth Device List, pair the Bluetooth of N6
STEP5: Click Connect and after starting the Bluetooth communication, we can start all works supported by Field Genius.

STEP6: View all the stored points in the Point Database 

In conclusion, after added the Bluetooth modem on N6, you will have more possibilities to extend the usage of the total station. With open source commands, you are easy to establish the communications between the N6 and other software which you wish to use. We are looking forward to hearing from you if you are successful to use it with any other software. For more technical support, please feel free to contact your local sales representative or contact us directly.