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From March 26th to 29th, SOUTH GNSS product manager Max and GNSS Product Engineer Charlie accompanied by SOUTH Bulgaria local distributor Mario have visited MAPEX, one of the biggest RTK real-time correction service provider. And now, more than 200 users are working with MAPEX CORS service—Yocto.

SOUTH assisted customer in establishing three S9 reference stations and installed the SOUTH NRS system for them.

Besides, SOUTH helped MAPEX connecting other 35 brand (Topcon, Leica, CHC, Trimble, etc.) reference stations into NRS system. All systems are working well and have already provided VRS services for the whole country. The NRS is a powerful CORS software platform of SOUTH, which is compatible with the raw data of different brands’ mainboards, and processing. Customers were very satisfied with this.

They also tested the SOUTH NRS system with other producers’ rover receivers on site, and the precision was very good to all brands.

This is the first time that Bulgaria has utilized SOUTH NRS system. We believe it will be a good beginning for the local CORS users. SOUTH will provide professional and timely assistance to all NRS users.