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On dated 7th April 2013, GUJARAT Land Surveyor Association organized the great event to celebrate "National Survey Day". SOUTH was Sole Sponsor for this event. The programs for National Survey Day Event are very professional and successful. Most of Licensed surveyors attended in the event in H. K. Engineering College. The feedback from all the participated surveyors was perfect!

The chief guests for National Survey Day Event are Mr. P K Lahiri, Advisor of Gujarat Government and Mr. S K Syed, Ex-Commissioner of Land Record Gujarat. We are very proud of their attendance. 

Mr. Harish Kothari who is a secretary of Gujarat Land Surveyor Association, is the host of this Event. With lots of effort by Mr. Kothari, the development of Gujarat Land Surveyor Association is doing very well.

SOUTH is a sole sponsor for this event. Mrs. Jennifer Hu and Mr. Balinder Kumar had a speech as SOUTH representative. They brought new technology and new products to every surveyors. It was valuable and attractive information for attendees. 

The program is arranged with very interesting musical program. The golden voice of Mr. Mukesh who is famous singer in Gujarat presented lots of classic songs. There were many funny programs to make all the attendees happy. The whole process of event became very pleasant and comfortable. 

The Event was very successful. SOUTH is doing dedicated work in surveying field to support all the surveyors. It is our duty to develop survey industry in India. We hope to organize more and more meaningful activity in India. We keep moving!